Life Coaching

mikelA life coach is an individual that works with you to focus on “the here and now” and creating your own future. They are different from counselors, mentors and consultants. By working individually and in groups, the coach will be able to assist you in understanding how staying in your comfort zone may be just what is holding you back. Your Life Coach can help you understand how to stay in your energy zone and how to make time in your life to achieve your goals.

Hearthstone’s Life Coach is available for individual or group sessions for those members who would like additional help making the commitment to change their health, fitness, and wellness.

Hearthstone is proud to team with Michael Linardi of Halcyon Coaching to provide support to our clients with setting and achieving their goals.

To schedule a time for life coaching please contact Stacie, our General Manager, by email or phone, 410-690-3838.