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Hearthstone Health + Fitness, Inc's. philosophy is to provide an exceptionally supportive atmosphere both inside and outside the facility. Clients and staff are welcomed into a warm, friendly, safe and clean environment.

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Hearthstone Basic Member

$ 70 / Month-to-Month
$ 52 / Month -12 month contract

Hearthstone members enjoy full access to the facility, locker rooms and amenities plus discounts on services such as Human Performance Lab tests, nutrition etc. This is the perfect membership for someone familiar with a gym environment, comfortable with the equipment and a self-starter.

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Platinum Foundation Member

$600 / Month to month
$500 / Month - 12 month contract
  • Includes 8 50-minute personal training sessions
  • Includes Hearthstone membership, "Eating 101" session and virtual motivation messages valued at $100
  • One-on-one training for as low as $63 per session

Gold Group Training Member

$ 365 / Month to month
$ 325 / Month - 6 month contract
$ 316 / Month - 12 month contract
  • Includes Hearthstone membership, "Eating 101" session and virtual motivation messages valued at $100.
  • Train with your friends for as little as $15 per session!

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Platinum Results Member

$ 800 / Month to month
$ 660 / Month - 12 month contract
  • Includes 12 50-minute personal training sessions
  • Includes Hearthstone membership, "Eating 101" session and virtual motivation messages valued at $100
  • One-on-one training for as low as $55 per session
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Partner Training Member

$ 525 / Month - per person
$ 470 / Month - 6 month contract
$ 420 / Month - 12 month contract
  • Includes 12 50-minute training sessions.
  • Includes Heathstone membership, "Eating 101" session and vitual motivation messages valued at $100.
  • Train with you and a friend for as low as $32.50 per session.
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Total Transformation Member

$1,250 / Month to month
$1,000 / Month - 12 months
  • Personal training as low as $33 per session
  • Includes extras valued at $330 per month:
  • Includes up to 1 50-minute personal training session, daily
  • Includes Hearthstone membership

Your Key To Success

No matter what your fitness and heath goals, success takes hard work, knowledge and commitment. Simply put, there is no magic pill. Hearthstone provides you with access to the best equipment, most knowledgeable staff, nutrition counseling, motivational coaching, healthy meals – all in a supportive and fun environment. There’s a reason why half our membership are first-time gym members. We care and it shows!
What Are You Waiting For?
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    Time to Get Started - Your Personal Assessment  Every new member, at Hearthstone, gets a free trainer consultation with one of our personal trainers. This is the opportunity to set realistic goals, communicate medical issues and get advice on how to achieve success. You set the agenda based on your knowledge and comfort. 

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    Jumpstart with our Human Performance Lab If you and your friend have ever been on a diet that worked for one but not the other, Hearthstone’s Human Performance Lab can explain why. Every body is different and our Lab measures what’s going on inside your body so that our staff can help you create a nutrition and exercise program to achieve maximum performance. Our tests tell you your body composition (fat and muscle), your resting calorie burn, where your body seeks energy and what your personal optimal heart rate is for maximum fat burn. Think it’s 220 minus your age? Guess again!



Are You Ready To Get Healthy?
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Join the Fun at Hearthstone!

Looking for a fun way to make friends and get fit? Hearthstone offers a variety of group fitness classes that are big enough to satisfy your high energy needs while small enough to provide time for a level of individual attention often lost in a group setting.


TRX leverages gravity and your own body weight to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability.


It's a very exciting dance party atmosphere full of Latin and international music.


A 45 minute low-impact high energy cardiovascular class performed on a spinning bike.

Buns + Guns

(aka: Glutes and Arms) are two of the most sought after muscles groups to train! 

Back on Track

Back on Track will help you learn how to improve your back health through a programmed series of stretches and body weight excercises -all under the direction of one of our certified personal trainers.

Morning Stretch

Looking for a great way to start your day and also end your week?

Core & More

By popular demand, a class designated to increasing the strength and endurance of the muscles of the core (abs, back, gluteals & torso).

HIIT Training

(aka: High Intensity Interval Training) intermingles short, quick bursts of high intensity cardio exercises, with intervals of lower intensity exercises (which constitute an active recovery period).