I'll be 50 next month! Never thought I'd make it. I really felt like I could have had a heart attack any moment. I got dizzy when I laughed, I was out of breath just walking up the stairs and my heart raced so much sometimes I didn't think I'd see another day. I walked in to Hearthstone the day they opened and have been a happy member ever since. The place has changed my life in so many ways. I now feel like I will live another 50 years. I am healthier now than I was in high school.

The staff has taught me so much, not just how to exercise but how to exercise correctly. Not just what to eat but how much, how often, and when. Not only is the staff great but the clientele is great too, I have met some amazing people.  All the personal trainers are fantastic and have their own unique style. I am fortunate to have trained with them all and I have never had the same work out twice! That's amazing considering I have trained more than 300 times! Hearthstone is always keeping things fun and educational. Boot camps, free seminars, and group fitness classes, personal coaching, and one on one nutrition counseling are just a few of the extras offered to members. I now exercise on vacation and have never found a facility as clean and with the state of the art equipment that Hearthstone has available to its members. I was 299 pounds and I am close to my goal of 199 pounds. Thank you Hearthstone!! You may have saved my life! Rick    

Fat at 40--Fit at 50