Do you remember Norm & Cliffy? They "resided" at a bar "where everyone knows your name." The place in Easton where everyone knows your name is a much healthier place to spend your time - Hearthstone. And every one of the staff knows your name.

Imagine after a full day of work or trying to get your eyes open in the morning and you are not really looking forward to a workout, you walk into your gym and there is a smiling face behind the desk giving you a great big hello, greeting you by name and as you make your way to the locker room, your name is called out by the other staff passed and the many gym members with whom you've become friends. Boy, does that give one a pick-me-up!

Two years ago, I was sick. And I was also fed up, saying one day, “Enough is enough!”

Fortunately while in line at a grocery store, I met someone who understood the disease I was infected with…. Lyme. She was dealing with the same issues as her entire family was too infected with Lyme’s. She was selling natural products supporting health, and I suggested she meet with Dave and Martha at Hearthstone because Hearthstone’s mission is embracing a healthier lifestyle, and thought they may be interested in talking with her.

My wonderful wife gave me a membership and personal training sessions to Hearthstone for my 71st birthday in February of 2013. Shortly after, I had a physical and my physician said that I would not be around in five years if I did not lose some major weight and start exercising correctly. I had had both knees replaced three years prior and I weighed 296 lbs and wore a size 48 (XXL). I knew I needed to a new lifestyle that included exercise and proper eating, but still I found I was not ready… The staff at Hearthstone would call to ask if they could answer any for me questions and arrange for a tour of the facility and my initial appointment so, I finally “bit the bullet" and made my first appointment with Faith Brundige on May 2, 2013 ... “The First Day of The Rest of My Life”!

I joined Hearthstone in May of 2014, after making the decision that I had to change. I had broken my right ankle for the 2nd time in my life that January on the ice. I had surgery and a steel plate with 10-12 pins place in my ankle, and I had to be in a cast until April. I put on over 20 pounds and my mobility was very limited since the arthritis from the previous injury had gotten so bad. I had to change my lifestyle or I would not be able to do things I love to do both at home and at my business, Robin’s Nest Floral & Garden Center.

I'll be 50 next month! Never thought I'd make it. I really felt like I could have had a heart attack any moment. I got dizzy when I laughed, I was out of breath just walking up the stairs and my heart raced so much sometimes I didn't think I'd see another day. I walked in to Hearthstone the day they opened and have been a happy member ever since. The place has changed my life in so many ways. I now feel like I will live another 50 years. I am healthier now than I was in high school.

My name is JoVaughn Pierce and I am a loyal member of Hearthstone since December 2012. I own my own car detailing business (Pierce Autobody Detailing) on Route 50 in Easton. One of the things I love about Hearthstone is that they are business friendly. They not only support local charities but also encourage their members to use local businesses – especially ones whose owners and employees use the Hearthstone facility.

Three years ago I was a fifty-five (55) year old insulin dependent type one diabetic and weighed two hundred and fifty (250) pounds. Because of the diabetes, which I was diagnosed with at the age of 30, I struggled every day with food choices. My weight affected me both physically and mentally, as I was dealing with the fact that I was not feeling good about my physical appearance. I knew something had to be done and changes need to be made.