Do you remember Norm & Cliffy? They "resided" at a bar "where everyone knows your name." The place in Easton where everyone knows your name is a much healthier place to spend your time - Hearthstone. And every one of the staff knows your name.

Imagine after a full day of work or trying to get your eyes open in the morning and you are not really looking forward to a workout, you walk into your gym and there is a smiling face behind the desk giving you a great big hello, greeting you by name and as you make your way to the locker room, your name is called out by the other staff passed and the many gym members with whom you've become friends. Boy, does that give one a pick-me-up!

Then, you go into the upscale and immaculately clean locker room. Everything you need is there - locking lockers, hangers, towels, shampoo, soap, hair dryers and even deodorant & hairspray. (Ladies, there is more. I won't go into all of the details.) All you need are your clothes and a little motivation. Then you head out to the gym floor. Every imaginable piece of equipment is there - and then some.  There are trainers to suit every personality and training style. You'll find people of all sizes, shapes and motivations at Hearthstone. There are those training for a marathon and weight lifting competitions; there are those trying to lose the holiday calories; there are those fighting the ravages of time or illness; and those just wanting to look better in their bathing suit again! Exercise on your own, join a group or work with a degreed and certified trainer. All are willing to help and motivate. Oh, and how about this - you are struggling with trying to do "just 5 more" (trainers can't count) reps and finally the count is done and suddenly your trainer hands you a cool, damp towel as a mid-workout pick-me-up! Wow, that's class. The towels are there for everyone and so is the fruit flavored water - Dave is always trying out a new blend (try to guess what is in it today).
So, what do I get for writing this testimonial? Hopefully, they will continue to remember my name. And as for you - Come on over, we will learn your name, too!
Linda Z.