Vice President

BA-Economics + Computer Science
College of William + Mary

Martha personally understands what progress in the areas of health and fitness means through her own experiences. As a senior level executive for a global management consulting and technology company, she spent round-the-clock days focusing on her work but not necessarily herself. She gained weight over a period of many years and found that exercise and standard yo-yo dieting simply did not work anymore. Further, she wrestled with a number of medical issues and knew her family history of heart disease was a risk factor not to be ignored. Determined to both take control and find more balance in her life, she started a combination fitness and nutrition program. She successfully lost over 30 pounds, and has kept the weight off since the spring of 2011.

Martha co-founded Hearthstone Health + Fitness with her husband, Dave, and believes the supportive community will bring the same benefits she has personally experienced to others. Martha is focused on motivating Hearthstone’s clients, helping them to find balance in their lives, and working with them to achieve their goals. She has degrees in economics and computer science from the College of William + Mary, and as a senior executive for Accenture, the world’s leading technology consulting company, she consulted with AT&T, Baltimore Gas & Electric, BellSouth, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and Partners Healthcare. Even though she is a proven leader at the international level, she believes strongly in being a consistent local community supporter.